As you know whole world is fighting with covid pandemic.
Govt has given relaxation doest't mean that we are fully safe with COVID19.
Our responsiblity to follow guidelines given by Givt and keep ourself safe and move on to our regular life style. This is the time we should be more safe to fight with pandemic and make sure others follow the same.

By considering all safetyty precausions we are back to the business to give driver services and other services to our happy customers. Life will not stop but we know how to deal with the present situation and move on to our regular activities.

Be safe and reach safe with our driver services in hyderabad.

Our Driver follow below guidline to safe with COVID19

-Always find Driver with Mask.

-Driver will carry Sanitizer and apply on regular bases

-Maintaine the safe distance with our cusomters

-Drivers with Arogyasri APP

-We send healthly drivers for service by checking body Temp

-We believe health is first business is next